If you need buttery comfort hugging your buns, look no further! Butterwear - Luxurious handmade underwear - is here to snuggle your bottom in a way that only handmade, elastic free underwear can.

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Share the Butterwear love! Word of mouth is a small gesture but a HUGE help to small businesses like Butterwear. love love love you for that! 🙂

Happy of Butterwear <3

100% perfection. Created to fit your body. Feels like nothing but softness on your bum. Full coverage. Cute patterns. And supports a beautiful lady and her family! Purchasing more is a must, I can’t go back!
Cynthia Shedd
Mom of two, from USA
It really does feel like butter on my skin. I have very sensitive skin, and the worst PMS: I want to scream every time something touches me, so clothes and underwear in particular are always a challenge during 'that time'. However, the Butterwear underwear was perfectly fine and I was the most comfortable I've ever been while wearing them. Highly recommend!!!
Rozanne Leigh
Mom of fur baby, from South Africa
I absolutely love these underwear. They really are buttery soft. They don’t slip and slide, they almost feel like nothing. When you’re pregnant, and postpartum, these are a MUST!
Elizabeth Comstock
Mom of two, from New York
Ultimate comfort is how I would describe these underwear. They’re especially designed for during pregnancy and postpartum. Whoever’s given birth to a child knows how badly you need something as comfy as possible down there. These were my go to underwear in my postpartum healing time especially. It felt like I was wearing nothing at all and they kept my pad nicely in place. The best part is that they’re great for everyday use as well. Because they feel soo comfy they will also make you feel sexy. And who doesn’t want both!
Clarice Reimer
Mom of one, from Manitoba, Canada
I wore my new maternity thongs for the first time on Sunday all day and Oh My Goodness!! It felt like I wasn't wearing anything! All of my current underwear is sooo tight and itchy... I am in love! I already told my boyfriend I'm getting some non-maternaty ones and some period ones as soon as this baby is out! Thank you! I'm in love 😍😍
Stephanie Urbanski
Mom of two, from Manitoba, Canada